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09:44 Friday,
30th of March

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This weekend, jokergirl and me found some beer,

Apparently it was 2610 liters.

12:51 Thursday,
15th of February

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two-ish-syllable flower
I just got a new laptop and I need a name for it. Previous computers were orchid, lily, succulent and cactus; so I need a two-syllable-ish flower.

Since it's a sister of Poison Ivy, probably something sharing a name of a sexy character.

So far,
daisy (moo)
pansy (yeah right)
lotus (wroom)
iris (stargate?)
jasmine (stupid disney...)

Any other suggestions?

10:02 Thursday,
14th of December

hmm... emo
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09:12 Wednesday,
6th of September

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r u
I have a rising concern for the English language. When I'm online and
playing with other people, especially now in the MMORPG World of
Warcraft, a lot of poeple - especially native English speakers, but
also a considerable amount of Swedish people - it seems, can no longer
spell "are" and "you". They seem to think that "you" is spelled "u"
and "are" is spelled "r".

I'm at loss how to counter this.

Why do they do it?

To me it seems like they do it to be cool, to belong to a clique, and
since I'm not doing it, I'm an outsider, and if they do it to me it
must be to insult me, to feel outside. Am I right in taking it as an

The reason to save four keystrokes can simply not be valid, not today
when most people can type almost as fast as they can talk normally (or

What can I do to make it stop? It hurts my brain. Soon I fear I will
no longer be able to spell, and will be drawn into this clique of
people who seem to hate the English language so bad.

17:08 Thursday,
19th of May

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Now I just want to know what a wesome is... it doesn't sound very good.

16:15 Friday,
6th of May

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Ok, week turns out not too horrible in the end:
  • I got a new screen for bumpy. Finally. After waiting since October. I'll review it later. Screen is good, firmware is ... from one of the moons of Mars, at least. Written for something else.
  • I got a new windshield for my car. The old one was scratchy.
  • I got broadband, in a way. I pulled two TP cables to my neighbours until Telia manages to connect me again.
  • I got refunded back from Bigstream, which is nice. Even for reconnecting with another company.
Though I feel like I've mainly spent this week patching up Elfwood so it runs as it should again... and people can update their accounts.

18:49 Thursday,
28th of April

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I haven't written much for some time. The reason being, I've been depressed and not feeling social.

But I need to write now. Here it goes:

In January, I thought I wanted a new ISP, because my usual one sucks. That being Telia with lots of small disconnects and evilities.

So, around the 20th, I contact another ISP called Bigstream. They seems small, nice, friendly and cheap (8Mbps down/1Mbps up for 249 SEK a month). They tell me they can connect me, so I pay the fee. I have to cancel my contract with Telia for that, of course, so that is canceled to be exchanged for the new one the 28th of February.

The 28th of February nothing happens.

So in mid march we start to check why. Telia says "oops" after a month and disconnects me (the 19th of April). Bigstreams says "wha?" and "our metaISP Song is fuzzing with their system".

After *much* mailing to them they finally said yesterday that our station is full, and they can't connect me. They will extend the station mid may, and after that it might take two weeks to connect me.

I can't get another ISP either, because the station is full. I can't even back to the old one.

So now I'm without broadband, and ... well, most of you know me. I need the net. :>
I don't know what to do now. This isn't good. The net is too large part of me. I'm nauseous.
I can't sleep.

I would go to jokergirl if it wasn't for the fact that my car decided to break down as well (no rear shocks), and I don't have any hope of fixing that the nearest weeks (no time at the mechanics).

I asked my doctor for some citalopram (cipramil-equivalent). Maybe I'll fetch it tomorrow.

09:40 Saturday,
1st of January

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I seem to have passed both my exams. Yay! =^.^=

12:42 Sunday,
12th of December

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1. Glittrigare glim och grötigare rim och mer Arne Weise i rutan
2. Och dom säger bla, bla, bla, bla
musicmeme from jokerCollapse )

21:46 Friday,
3rd of December

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16:10 Tuesday,
5th of October

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And in case someone didn't know it yet, I'm really apparently a hippie...Collapse )

18:26 Monday,
4th of October

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The night between saturday and sunday, someone broke into my car. They smashed two windows and ripped out the panel with the stereo.
I mean ripped. Cables were torn.

So, all in all, what's missing is
1) the nice (but not *that* nice) Pioneer 4x45W stereo, and remote
2) the adapter for RCA audio to the stereo, which was rather hard to find
3) bumpy's LCD screen, which was *very* hard to find, but doesn't seem that hard anymore
- I wonder if anyone figures out the 12V and NTSC composite connectors to that one...
4) bumpy's IR keyboard; they took the reciever too, but they ripped it off the cables, so it's useless unless they find someone who can solder 2xPS/2 contacts to it without any documentation
5) the new ATI Remote Wonder remote I had there, without the reciever

And a lot of damage to windows and windowframes and the whole plastic stereo panel is missing, and they seemed to scratch jokergirl's car as well, in the progress.

Now the work begins with fightinng with insurance company... the car is at a repair shop, anyway.

What remained in the car is rather impressive though;
- bumpy
- a Black & Decker powerdrill
- my rollerblades
- a soldering station and a a box of mixed electronics and computer components

I would have thought of removing/hidnig the stereo front, the LCD panel and the keybaords and remotes hadn't I been so tired, helping jokergirl to move all day...

Ah well, I guess it's my second welcome to halmstad (the first being the "no, we can't find you anywhere to live" kafka history). Yay.